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Optometry is the occupation of measuring sight, prescribing corrective spectacles or contact lenses, examining the visual system for defects or abnormalities and the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease. The field of optometry began with the primary focus of correcting refractive error through the use of spectacles. Modern day optometry, however, has evolved to include diagnosis and management of ocular disease. Many patients who would have traditionally been managed by the hospital eye service are now seen in primary care optometry practices by optometrists who have undertaken additional training and qualification helping to relieve the burden on secondary care. Optometry read more

Training & Development

Video 1 Level 1 Ensuring the Best Care for our Patients
Video 2 Level 2 Ensuring the Best Care for our Patients

NHS Wales Eye Health Care 2021 – Future Approach for Optometry Services
Healthy Eyes
Low Vision Service Wales (LVSW)
Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW)
Optometry Bodies
Optometric Advisors Wales
Apply for Inclusion in the Ophthalmic & Supplementary Ophthalmic Lists (individual applications)
Apply for Inclusion in the Ophthalmic List (Corporate Opticians)
Putting Things Right Leaflet - Ophthalmic Practitioners
Together for Health: Eye Health Care Delivery Plan for Wales 2013-2018