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Strategic Programme for Primary Care (SPPC)


Download - What is the Strategic Programme for Primary Care (SPPC) to view the image above in more detail.


The Strategic Programme for Primary Care is an All-Wales Health Board-led programme that works in collaboration with Welsh Government.

The Programme aims to bring together and develop all previous primary care strategies and reviews at an accelerated pace and scale, whilst addressing emerging priorities highlighted within A Healthier Wales.

To achieve success, the Programme looks to all health, social and wellbeing providers, Health Boards and other Stakeholders to work collaboratively in sharing local initiatives, products and solutions that could add value to the delivery of primary care services on a 'once for Wales basis'. 

The programme is made up of the six streams. More information about why the projects are needed, who sits on the working groups, and the scope of work with examples of the expected outputs from each area can be viewed by selecting the work streams icon below:




For more information, you may also find the following pages useful:

This update provides and overview of the progress by the Programme from April 2023-March 2024 and provides a look ahead for our programme of work into 2024/25.

Previous update reports can be found :

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2019 - 2020 Background information about pre-COVID work plans can be found in the original SPPC handbook. SPPC handbook for people working in primary and community care 2019-2020.