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1. Prevention and Wellbeing


DRAFT - Project Initiation Document 2020-21

There is a pressing need to transform the health and care system, of which primary care is a key component, towards an approach that prioritises prevention.
A focus on prevention is prioritised in a number of key strategic documents including A Healthier Wales, Building a Healthier Wales and in legislation including The Social Services and Well-being Act and The Well-being of Future Generations Act.
  • Primary care specific elements within ‘Building A Healthier Wales’
  •  Prevention in clinical settings
  •  Maximising opportunities to support programmes which address:
     - physical inactivity
     - a healthy weight; and
     - Making Every Contact Count (MECC).
  •  Social prescribing
  • Tools to support population need assessment to inform service planning, prioritisation and evidence informed local action
  •  Vaccination and screening
  • The Primary Care Needs Assessment (PCNA) tool: an online tool to support local, health board and cluster level action planning.
  • A framework to support a coordinated approach to prevention in clinical settings.
  •  A 'Blood Pressure Monitoring in Primary Care’pilot (with potential national roll out).
  •  A report and refreshed web content (via Primary CareOne) that describes the offer of social prescribing within primary care.
  •  Improved number of frontline primary and community care workers having access to and completing Level 1 MECC training.
  •  Targeted products to highlight the range of resources available to support infection prevention and screening programmes.