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Healthy Days at Home Wales

Click here to view the Healthy Days at Home Wales (HDAHW) Whole System Measures image in more detail.

What is it? 

Healthy Days at Home Wales (HDAHW) is a suite of measures designed to demonstrate ways of measuring health and care systems across Wales. These can be adapted to meet the needs of the user and provide heatmaps and basic analysis of population interactions with specified health and care providers.

The National Healthy Days at Home Wales (HDAHW) dashboard provides a high level overview for the population of Wales. Each Health Board was asked to create a local HDAHW dashboard to run alongside the national one, for the testing and application of additional, locally agreed, data sets and formulae. These new formulae once trialled in the Health Board dashboard Sandbox could then be considered for national roll out.

[Sandbox is defined as a safe digital environment for experimenting with data]

More Information

The Healthy Days at Home Wales (HDAHW) Timeline provides a visual depiction of the journey to delivering the HDAHW whole system measures.

A user guide has been developed to support navigation and application of the Healthy Days at Home Wales suite of measures.

A Show and Tell Event was held on the 27 September 2023 which provided a platform for the dashboard developers (both National and Health Board) to present the work they had delivered in relation to the HDAHW Suite of Measures.  


You can request access to the HDAHW dashboards by selecting the appropriate link below and completing the submission form. (please note access is dependent on your role and organisation).