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Greener Primary Care

Welcome to Greener Primary Care Wales. In these pages you will find information to help you and your practice become more environmentally sustainable. You will also be able to access the All Wales Greener Primary Care Framework and Award Scheme which launched during the week commencing 6th June 2022.


The Greener Primary Care Framework and Award Scheme is now LIVE! Register for free here


Eluned Morgan MS, Minister for Health and Social Services, speaking ahead of the Greener Primary Care Framework and Award Scheme Launch: "We need to redouble our efforts on the climate emergency":


Hello, I’m Sophie Howe and as the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. I would encourage primary care contractors to support the Greener Primary Care Wales Framework and Award Scheme.

By registering your practice and completing actions within the Framework you’ll be contributing towards a more sustainable healthcare system and a more sustainable Wales. 

We need to make the links between climate change and the health of our communities. For our future generations, climate change is one of the biggest threats to their health and livelihoods.
However, we know that our healthcare systems are responsible for high emissions and high levels of waste. And not just our big hospitals, but our community pharmacies, our dental and general practices, and optometry too.

The Greener Primary Care Framework is designed to help us change our practices and behaviours, from changing procurement models, changing how we travel, reducing our waste and managing our carbon footprint. Find out how you can do your bit to save the planet for our future generations by registering your practice on the Greener Primary Care Wales Framework and Award Scheme for free today!

Sophie Howe - Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.


The Framework will support the four independent primary care contractor services in Wales (community pharmacy, dental, general practice and optometry) to improve the environmental sustainability of their day to day practice and to reach the Welsh Government decarbonisation targets.

The Framework has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders and is formally endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners, the British Dental Association, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Optometry Wales, and Community Pharmacy Wales.

Climate change is the biggest challenge to health in the medium and long term and the consequences are likely to be wide-ranging and adverse. There has been an increased call to action for all health professionals, arguing that restoring patients to good health includes helping to create healthy environments. 

In April 2019 the Welsh Government declared a climate emergency and committed to achieving a carbon neutral public sector by 2030. More recently they have stated their ambition for net zero emissions for all sectors by 2050. In March 2021, the Welsh Government published the NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan 2021-2030

In Wales, the All Wales Greener Primary Care Framework and Award Scheme closely aligns to our legislative and policy context. Many of the actions within the Framework align the following:

  • The NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan
  • The well-being goals and ways of working set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 
  • Prudent Healthcare Principles
  • UN Sustainability Development Goals 

The agenda is also supported by other Welsh legislation and policy including: A Healthier Wales 2018, The Active Travel Plan Wales 2016, Healthy Weight Healthy Wales 2019 and Corporate Social Responsibility.


On an individual level, zero waste is an extremely high bar to aim for and it can certainly seem quite intimidating. However, the Greener Primary Care Framework advocates for a large number of people making small changes because the evidence suggests this will have a bigger impact overall than a small number of people making big changes.