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Cluster Self-Reflection

We invite you to participate in a cluster self-reflection co-developed by Volunteer Cluster/ Health Board colleagues and the Primary Care Division in Public Health Wales. 
Before completing the cluster self-reflection, it is important for you to understand why it is being undertaken and what it will involve. Please take the time to read the cluster self-reflection document provided in the resource pack. Details of which are summarised below. 

What is the the purpose of the Cluster Self-reflection?

Cluster self-reflection is one of three agreed methods for evaluating the progress of cluster working towards the Primary Care Model for Wales (PCMW) and Accelerated Cluster Development (ACD). The self-reflection exercise aims to:
·       Assess the maturity of cluster working across Wales.
·       Identify system factors that hinder or facilitate cluster working.

Who should complete Cluster Self-Reflection?

It is proposed that the cluster self-reflection be undertaken as part of a facilitated discussion. Ideally, this discussion should include all cluster members or representation from the broad range of professionals within the cluster. However, if this is not possible the cluster lead or a nominated deputy* can complete the cluster self-reflection on their own.
*A nominated deputy must have sufficient knowledge of the cluster and authority within the cluster or health board to complete the cluster self-reflection.

What does the cluster self-reflection involve?

The cluster self-reflection includes five parts. Firstly, you will answer general questions about your cluster (e.g. cluster name). In sections two and three, you will have an opportunity to self-reflect on the progress of your work against the PCMW and ACD outcomes using a maturity matrix. The fourth section provides an opportunity for the cluster to share their insights on the system facilitators and barriers, that impact on cluster working, and to consider how these have been harnessed/ overcome or where further support is required. The fifth and final section asks you to consider where your cluster is at according to Tuckman's Team Development Model.

Are there any risks or benefits to participating in the Cluster self-reflection?

There are no known risks associated with participating in the cluster self-reflection. The cluster self-reflection is an opportunity for the cluster to consider their strengths, where work has progressed against the PCMW and ACD outcomes and to identify areas where further work is required.

What will happen with my information and how will it be handled? 

All information collected will be stored confidentially within the Primary Care Division, Public Health Wales. The information will be used solely for the purpose of the cluster self-reflection project. All responses will be anonymised so that you and your cluster are not identifiable in any publications resulting from this work. 

What will happen to the results from the Cluster self-reflection?

The findings will be written up as a formal report including both an all Wales and health board region overview. The findings will also feed into the cluster peer review process.

Consent and contact information

By proceeding with the survey, you indicate that you have read this information sheet, understand the purpose of the cluster self-reflection , and consent to participate.

For any queries regarding Information Governance please contact:
For general queries on accessing the form please contact
If you require further information on the cluster self-reflection please contact:

Thank you for your time and participation.

Dr Rachel Andrew
Consultant in Public Health
Primary Care Division
Public Health Wales


Before you start this tool, you may wish to review the following documents:

1. The cluster self-reflection process document which provides more information on the self-reflection process

2. The cluster development framework which provides additional information on the PCMW and ACD outcomes and the maturity matrix.

Both of these documents are available on the Primary Care One website and can be accessed on the Primary Care Model for Wales page


Cluster Self-Reflection Tool