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2. 24/7 Model










There is a recognition that primary and community care services across Wales vary depending on the time of day and location.  This work stream looks to ensure that as far as possible, the primary care offer is consistent on a 24/7 and geographic basis.
  • 111 Roll Out
  • OOH Peer Reviews
  •  Winter Planning Initiatives
  •  OOH Pathways
  •  Escalation Processes
  •  Availability of services within the community
  •  Telephone first / Sign-posting / Triage Urgent Care.
  •  Chair: Director of Primary and Community Care
  •  Co-Chair: Director of Primary and Community Care
  •  111 Programme Director
  •  Assistant Director of Therapies
  •  Director of Operations
  •  Head of Primary and
  •  Community Care
  •  National Director of Primary Care
  •  Public Health Wales Director of Primary Care
  •  Project Advisor
  •  Project Manager
  •  Programme Manager
  •  Welsh Government Policy
  •  Lead (Primary Care)
  •  Welsh Government Policy
  •  Lead (Unscheduled Care)
  • OOH Peer Review National Action Plans
  • Winter planning framework and a robust evaluation process.
  • Clear and consistent All-Wales OOH pathways to support:
a. Urgent Dental
b. Mental health crisis
c. Palliative Care
d. Care Homes; and
e. Paediatrics services
  • A once-for-Wales approach to escalation processes, defined levels of pressure and standardised responses to support 'in-hours' general practice services.
  • Mapping of all Independent Contract services available in a locality.
  • A clinical triage toolkit for general practice that includes: a 'how to', the environment required and the expected benefits.