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Population health information by topic

This information is intended to help inform cluster/ pan-cluster planning group (PCPG) plans.  It serves as an alternative index to content within the Cluster Planning Support Portal (CPSP), offering a public health perspective on health priorities for cluster populations.  It emphasises the primacy of prevention and takes a topic/ condition-based approach to considering population needs.

How does this index work?

Click to expand each grouped topic heading to reveal topic-specific pages. Each topic page comprises (a) topic-specific strategic context; (b) signposting to data analyses relating to local health needs; and (c) improvement action options. Hyperlinks will be added as topic sub-pages become available bilingually. The index will develop with the support of expert topic curators.

Topic index

  • POP-001 Population
  • POP-002 Life expectancy/ healthy life expectancy
  • POP-003 Deprivation 
  • BRF-001 Smoking
  • BRF-002 Unhealthy diet
  • BRF-003 Physical inactivity
  • BRF-004 Alcohol misuse
  • Drug misuse [coming later]
  • CRF-001 Hypertension
  • CRF-002 Obesity in children
  • CRF-003 Obesity in adults
  • Raised fasting plasma glucose (pre-diabetes) [coming later]
  • Raised total cholesterol [coming later]
  • LTC-001 Coronary heart disease
  • LTC-002 Heart failure
  • LTC-003 Stroke and TIA
  • LTC-004 Diabetes
  • LTC-005 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • LTC-006 Asthma
  • LTC-007 Dementia
  • Poor mental well-being [coming later]
  • Loneliness and isolation [coming later]
  • SCR-001 Bowel screening
  • SCR-002 Breast screening
  • SCR-003 Cervical screening
  • SCR-004 AAA screening
  • CAN-001 Incidence of cancer
  • CAN-002 Prevalence of cancer
  • IDP-001 Influenza vaccination
  • IDP-002 Childhood vaccination
  • Covid vaccination [coming later]
  • WDH-001 Learning and training
  • WDH-002 Home and housing
  • WDH-003 Money and jobs
  • Greener environments [coming later] 
  • Child oral health [coming later]
  • Adult oral health [coming later] 
  • Sight loss [coming later]