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Population health information by topic (archived)

This content has moved. Please visit Cluster Working.

  • CRF-001 Hypertension
  • CRF-002 Obesity in children
  • CRF-003 Obesity in adults
  • CRF-004 Raised fasting plasma glucose (pre-diabetes)
  • CRF-005 Raised cholesterol
  • MHW-001 Mental well-being

Information about individual screening programmes will become available via the Screening Information for Professionals portals, which are currently in development. These sites may help to inform the development of primary care cluster plans.

  • SCR-001 Bowel screening
  • SCR-002 Breast screening
  • SCR-003 Cervical screening
  • SCR-004 AAA screening
  • WDH-001 Education and health
  • WDH-002 Housing and health
  • WDH-003 Work and health
  • WDH-004 Environment and health
  • EYE-001 Sight loss