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Directory of Education and Training in Inclusion Health for Health Professionals

Inclusion health is an umbrella term used to describe individuals who face social exclusion and encounter various risk factors for poor health, including poverty, violence, and complex trauma. This category includes those who are homeless, dependent on drugs and alcohol, vulnerable migrants, members of Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities, sex workers, individuals involved with the justice system, and victims of modern slavery. People belonging to these inclusion groups often experience significantly worse health outcomes compared to the general population, with a lower average age of death. This significantly contributes to the growing health disparities. Inclusion health groups frequently face obstacles in accessing healthcare services and may have negative experiences due to multiple barriers in the healthcare delivery system.

The workforce's knowledge and skills in inclusion health are crucial in providing equitable services. In the UK, all four devolved administrations recognise the importance of incorporating the Inclusion Health into healthcare professionals' education and training. Each nation has issued guidelines to improve health outcomes for marginalised groups. However, recent studies have not found evidence of government departments or national organisations outlining a plan to ensure that healthcare professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to care for vulnerable communities. According to evidence published by organisations employing staff who work with vulnerable groups, many healthcare practitioners have recognised the need to acquire the knowledge and skills to support service users from socially excluded communities.

When we wrote this directory, we learned that discussions were underway in Wales to create a knowledge and skills framework for inclusion health. Meanwhile, this directory is designed to help healthcare professionals identify education and training opportunities to help them meet the knowledge base for inclusion health and health inequalities.

The directory does not claim to be an exhaustive or comprehensive guide to all education and training opportunities. It is limited to those identified from a review of educational health websites, health professionals' knowledge, and a rapid internet search from January to March 2024.

Directory of Education and Training in Inclusion Health for Health Professionals