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Western Vale

Cluster Lead: Dr Mark Townend


GP Practices in Western Vale 
There are three practices which operate in the Western Vale Cluster area

Cowbridge & Vale Medical Practice 
Western Vale Family Practice 
Llantwit Major & Coastal Vale Medical Practice  previously Eryl Group Practice 


Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

Western Vale Cluster Network Action Plan 2017/20  

What are we working on?

To reduce frequent attendances at Out of House services.

What we have already done

Our achievements so far:

Employment of a Cluster Pharmacist who covers all practices and helps with the medication management of all patients. He has also been supported to complete his Independent Prescribing Course.

Working with the Secondary Care Phlebotomy Service to look at a more 'cluster based' way of providing community phlebotomy appointments.

Supporting the Cowbridge First Responders with cluster funding to provide more community cardiac defibrillators and training for the local areas.

Working closely with the Welsh Ambulance Service (WAST) to create a Cluster based Paramedic service to support emergency patient requests during the working week.

Using cluster funding to support GPs to step out of day to day practice to set up/support more MDT services for their patients.

Future Priorities for the Cluster

Continuity of Care for palliative patients by including DN's to Palliative Care meetings.



Cluster lead update 13/09/2021