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Central Vale

Cluster Lead Dr James Martin

GP Practices in Central Vale
The Central Vale Cluster is made up of 7 GP practices, 6 in Barry and 1 in Sully.  It has a population of 64,753 patients with a mixed urban and rural demographic, with some areas of significant deprivation.

Court Road Surgery 
Vale Group Practice
The Practice of Health 
The Waterfront Medical Centre 
Highlight Park Medical Practice 
Sully Surgery 
West Quay Medical Centre 

Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

The Central Vale Cluster is in the process of developing its plan for 2024-25.  It is based on the local population needs assessment, plus the emerging priorities identified by members of the Cluster.

Central Vale Cluster Network Action Plan 2017/20  

What are we working on?

Innovative projects that support primary care sustainability, working together across different specialities to achieve solutions together.

What we have already done

Central Vale have established community pain, wound, phlebotomy, paediatric and pessary clinics to meet the needs of the local population.  There is a single point of access for patients presenting with mental health through 'Mind in the Vale'.  Additionally, the cluster has a multi-disciplinary team to support its most complex patients.

Future Priorities for the Cluster

The cluster is working on new initiatives to address some of the cluster emerging priorities.  These include improving the uptake of childhood vaccinations, children's mental health, children's safeguarding, chronic disease, neurology, discharge liaison service, catheter care and frailty. 


Last updated:  November 2023