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Modify other risk factors to limit COPD exacerbations

  • As an ambulatory care-sensitive condition, when COPD is managed well and treated appropriately, severe acute exacerbations resulting in hospital admission can be avoided (The King's Fund 2012).
  • The Respiratory health delivery plan (WG 2018) recommends prompt clinical treatment of exacerbations in primary care, an aspect of which includes encouraging appropriate use of antibiotics (see NICE guidance below).
  • Avoidance of exacerbations would also include mitigating the contributory effects of unhealthy homes (WDH-002) and poor air quality (see NICE guidance below).
  • Small-area associations between air pollution (nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter), deprivation status and health outcomes exist in Wales; this includes respiratory disease mortality (J Public Health 2017 Sep 1;39(3):485–497).