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Focus on improving detection of COPD

  • Increased ascertainment of those at risk, with confirmation of a diagnosis of COPD, will affect prevalence proportion.
  • Higher cluster prevalence may reflect one or more of higher population disease prevalence; opportunity to improve delivery of behaviour change interventions; opportunity to improve identification and/ or management of clinical risk factors; access to health care; or the effectiveness of case finding.
  • The Respiratory health delivery plan (WG 2018) notes that early detection of COPD needs to occur in primary care and proposes a clinical system "red flag" suggesting a COPD assessment and spirometry for patients over the age of 40 years who present with repeated chest infections. The plan also notes that national audit indicates more than 25% of patients on COPD registers may not have the condition.
  • For signposting to relevant NICE guidelines/ quality standards relating to detection of COPD as a source of potential improvement actions, see below.