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Focus on improving detection of asthma

  • Increased ascertainment of those at risk, with confirmation of a diagnosis of asthma, will affect prevalence proportion.
  • Higher cluster prevalence may reflect one or more of higher population disease prevalence; opportunity to improve delivery of behaviour change interventions; opportunity to improve identification and/ or management of clinical risk factors; access to health care; or the effectiveness of case finding.
  • The Respiratory health delivery plan (WG 2018) notes that studies suggest up to 30% of adults with a diagnosis of asthma have no clear evidence of it, while others suggest asthma may be under diagnosed. The plan advises integrating asthma diagnostic guidelines into clinical practice and the establishment of diagnostic hubs within primary care.
  • For signposting to relevant NICE guidelines/ quality standards relating to detection of asthma as a source of potential improvement actions, see below.