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Incorporate oral health promotion in existing services for all adults at high risk of poor oral health

NICE Public Health Guidance 55: Oral Health: local authorities and partners recommends that community health and social care service specifications (including substance misuse services and those supporting people living independently in the community) are reviewed to ensure inclusion of:

  • the requirement to promote and protect oral health in the context of overall health and wellbeing
  • oral health assessment within care plans, in line with safeguarding policies, and including a referral, or advice to go to a dentist or other clinical services
  • oral health care as an integral part of care planning
  • support to help people maintain good oral hygiene (including advice about diet)
  • staff training in how to promote oral health, during inductions and then updated on a regular basis

These are the aims and activities of Gwên Am Byth, for dependent older people.