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Ensure public service environments promote oral health

NICE Public Health Guidance 55: Oral Health: local authorities and partners recommends that:

1) all public services promote oral health by:

  • Making plain drinking water available for free
  • Providing a choice of sugar-free food, drinks (water or milk) and snacks (including fresh fruit), including from any vending machines on site
  • Encouraging and supporting breastfeeding

This includes public sector services such as: leisure centres; community or drop-in centres; nurseries and children's centres; other early years services (including services provided during pregnancy and for new parents); schools; and food banks. 
2) other local authority 'levers' are used to address oral health and the wider social determinants of health, for example, local planning decisions for fast food outlets. 
3) links with local organisations in other sectors (for example, local shops and supermarkets) are used to promote oral health. This could be part of a broader approach to promoting healthier lifestyles including helping people to reduce their tobacco and alcohol consumption.