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Create oral health strategies based on oral health needs assessments to identify groups at high risk of poor oral health

NICE Public Health Guidance 55: Oral Health: local authorities and partners recommends that:

1) oral health needs data should be collected from a range of data sources to identify groups at high risk of poor oral health and ensure inclusion in oral health needs assessments
2) oral health needs assessments should be conducted as part of cyclical planning processes, and geared towards improving oral health and reducing health inequalities
3) oral health strategies should be developed which:

  • set out how to address the oral health needs of the local population as a whole (universal approaches) and groups identified at high risk of poor oral health (targeted approaches)
  • identify and work in partnership with people who are in a position to improve oral health in their communities
  • include proposals and provision for monitoring and evaluation, including what works for whom, when and in what circumstances