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Climate Change Adaptation: Health and Wellbeing Toolkit Survey

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales latest report highlights that climate change is the “single biggest health threat“ facing us and is likely to have major implications both for the delivery of public services and key health and wellbeing priorities.

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit in Public Health Wales are conducting a survey to help us get a better understanding of what resources and tools could support organisations across Wales to respond to the population health and wellbeing impacts of climate change. 

This survey is relevant to everybody and we would be very grateful for your time in completing it – it should only take around 2 minutes of your time.

Complete the survey HERE

We are particularly seeking responses from colleagues in Local Health Boards, Natural Resources Wales, Local Authorities, and also the Third Sector, Education and Local Resilience Fora, so please feel free to circulate.



The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) in Public Health Wales are working on a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of climate change in Wales and last year we published four infographics containing some key messages on health, wellbeing and climate change based on the HIA.


WHIASU is conducting this survey to assess whether there is a need for a toolkit to support action on the health and wellbeing impacts of climate change and if so, what would be the most useful and important areas to cover. Replies will be used to inform the content and format of the toolkit and understand any training needs. 

Individual responses are anonymous. Combined findings from the survey may be summarised and shared with others (e.g. in presentations or reports) to support and inform planning for climate change. 

Complete the survey HERE

For further information please contact:

The survey will be open from July 11th to until August 23rd 2022.