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Health Inclusion Programme Wales

Description of services providing Primary Health Care to vulnerable groups across Wales.


The new Health Inclusion specification for clusters describes services for people who might not be accessing primary care services in Wales despite the increased need.
There are many excellent services across Wales that would come under the category of ‘Health Inclusion.’ The services in different parts of Wales have different histories and designs. Not all areas of Wales have services. Common themes:

  • Multidisciplinary and collaborative in both planning and delivery, including people with lived experience.
  • Services combine drop-in, outreach and inreach with a non-judgemental, trauma-informed approach.
  • Funding is often short-term and insecure.
  • Accessing certain services including oral health and dental services, mental health, psychological support, and treatment for complex trauma, is difficult.


Description of services providing Primary Health Care to vulnerable groups across Wales.