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Professional collaborative analysis

Collaboratives reflecting on local service configurations might consider the following questions to structure discussions and to inform recommendations to pan-cluster planning groups:

  • What (if any) service user engagement has taken place that included representation from vulnerable and marginalised groups?*
  • Are the needs for each vulnerable and marginalised group clearly articulated?*
  • Is there a lead individual/ group providing analysis and interventions to support this group?
  • Is there recognition of the importance of social care needs, such as housing?
  • Is the uptake of preventive care and screening assessed for all vulnerable and marginalised groups?
  • Are any supportive arrangements universally available or only provided in some settings?
  • Is there recognition of the principles of trauma-informed care?
  • Is more information/ analysis required and if so what and from whom?

*Note: Information on the needs of some vulnerable and marginalised groups may be included within boarder population health and well-being needs assessments (see here) or health intelligence data sets (see here), but may be superficial. More detail may be found in bespoke needs assessments (e.g. group specific) or engagement reports undertaken at national or health board level, or via the research literature.