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How do cluster plans stack up against the following considerations in the planning of primary care services beginning with the letter “A” (in no particular order)?

  • Activity—Are our levels of activity in keeping with comparative or expected demand metrics, and sustainable e.g. referrals? See also CPSP section 2a.
  • Acceptability—Are we meeting public and professional expectations?
  • Appropriateness—Are our services targeted at the greatest need/ those who have the most capacity to benefit from them?
  • Accountability—Do we demonstrate transparency via clinical and organisational governance arrangements? See also Cluster Governance: A Guide to Good Practice.
  • Assets—Are we making best use of community-based resources? See also CPSP section 2a.
  • Advocacy—Are we promoting the right key messages e.g. primacy of prevention?
  • Accommodation—Do our services take account of service user preference/ choice?
  • Alignment—Do our plans demonstrate strategic fit, contributing to cumulative health impact? See also CPSP section 2d.
  • Availability—Are we directing resources/ volume of services in proportion to need?
  • Accessibility—Are services proximal to service to users (“care closer to home”)?
  • Affordability—Are our interventions within the means of service users (noting any fee-based in-house or third-party services may have an opportunity cost)?