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All Wales Green Agenda – Sustainable Inhaler Prescribing

During the Summer of 2020 the All Wales Management and Prescribing Guidelines for Adult Asthma and COPD were introduced. These guidelines provide a national approach for practitioners across Wales.

The end of 2021 saw these guidelines updated to include information on sustainable inhaler prescribing, raising awareness of the impact metered dose inhalers have on the climate crisis and moving towards more sustainable alternatives.

The updated guidelines and associated educational programme are available for all healthcare professionals in Wales via the All Wales platform, hosted by ICST. And, printed copies of the updated guidelines have been posted to all GP practices across Wales (February 2022).

The All Wales guidelines are supported by a programme of TV shows, tutorials, case based assessments with certificates and additional resources, delivered by respiratory experts from across Wales.

In addition, the NHS Wales Healthhub apps, for patients with COPD, Adult Asthma and parents of children with Asthma, launched a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental impact of inhalers, and when to seek advice from their healthcare professionals about whether they would be suitable to make the switch to more environmentally friendly inhalers.

ICST host and manage these guidelines and apps, as well as a wide selection of other pathways and guidelines on the All Wales ICST Platform which is accessible, for free, to healthcare professionals and patients across Wales. 

To directly access the guideline, sign in to the All Wales ICST Platform and visit:

To signpost your patients to the app that is suitable to them, follow the links below:


Asthmahub for Parents: