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Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists can reduce demand on General Practitioners by addressing and resolving underlying functional issues that are the root cause of multiple and regular contacts with the Practice.
With unique & expert knowledge to enhance your team, practical enabling & problem solving skills to support people to live life their way, as well as a broad scope of practice providing the adaptability to meet the priorities of your practice population, Occupational Therapists are the perfect fit for Primary Care.
Occupational Therapists already work successfully in a variety of Primary Care settings in Wales and the UK, transforming services and working proactively in areas such as frailty, social prescribing, self-management of chronic conditions, mental health and fitness for work.  Through doing, we have demonstrated the added value of Occupational Therapists working as core members of the Primary Care team.
 “A fantastic resource that has been greatly underused by primary care but that is where they should be based. Having an occupational therapist attached to the practice has many benefits. Most of the referrals need quick turnaround as the problems are acute. The saving in social admissions [and] improved self-confidence for patients and families has already been noticed. The occupational therapist is able to respond appropriately in that 24hr period instead of the several weeks previously, liaise with appropriate people to deal with the individual, and is a great source of information as to what the third sector has available to help people remain at home safely and comfortably. We are now recruiting for two more occupational therapists for the South Pembrokeshire cluster as the trial was so successful and hope [they] will become an integral part of our primary health care team.”
GP, South Pembrokeshire Cluster
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