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The All Wales Dental Public Health Team (AWDPHT) provides advice and support, primarily for the Health Boards (HBs), NHS Wales Shared Services PartnershipHealthcare Inspectorate Wales, the Welsh Government and dental teams.
The Team aims to:
  1. Provide specialist dental public heath advice and leadership on oral health issues and dental services 
  2. Provide advice for the planning of dental services and the development of policy and strategy
  3. Assess oral health status and the needs and demands of local populations
  4. Advise on screening and surveillance programmes
  5. Advise and assist the implementation of local and national oral health action plans and health promotion programmes
  6. Advise health boards on the monitoring and quality assurance of dental services
  7. Support and advise health boards in poor performance cases
  8. Support research and training in the Specialty of Dental Public Health