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Cluster Lead Dr Iestyn Davies

Cluster Lead Practice Manager Mike Garner

General Practices in the Swansea Cwmtawe 
The Cwmtawe Network is one of five community network areas in Swansea.There are three practices which operate in the Cwmtawe cluster area

Cwmtawe Medical Group 
Llansamlet Surgery 
Strawberry Place Surgery 

Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

Cwmtawe Cluster IMTP 2020-2023
Cwmtawe Cluster Plan 2018/2021  
Cwmtawe Cluster Network Action Plan 2017/20 

Cwmtawe Cluster newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 1 

Cwmtawe Cluster newsletter Autumn 2019 Issue 2

What are we working on?

Cwmtawe Cluster IMTP 2020-2023
To provide care for the frail elderly population and to reduce the number of falls within network

What we have already done

Cwmtawe Cluster Plan 2018/2021  

A falls prevention guide developed in Cwmtawe with support from Amy Meredith Davies at SCVS

Cwmtawe Network developed a new system for reviewing continence needs for patients by nurse prescriber

Parent and carer forums

Future priorities for the cluster

Cwmtawe Cluster IMTP 2020-2023
To progress poly-pharmacy issues identified in previous cluster network plan


Cluster lead update 13/09/2021