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Cardiff West

Cluster Lead Vacant

GP Practices Cardiff West 

There are eight practices in the Cardiff West Cluster area

Bishops Road Medical Centre  
Fairwater Health Centre 
Llandaff Surgery 
Raydr Medical Centre 
Danescourt Surgery 
Llandaff North Medical Centre 
Meddygfa Llwyncelyn Practice  
Whitchurch Village Practice 


Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

Cardiff West Cluster Network Action Plan 2017/20  

What are we working on?

Identify cluster dental rep to attend meetings and assist with devising a pathway for dental emergencies

To achieve the target bowel screening target

To maximise opportunities to increase the level of community based diabetes care

What we have already done

Our achievements so far:

1.6 WTE cluster pharmacists to support the medicine management of all patients

Integration of the Wellbeing Co-ordinators within the Fairwater Practice with an aim to spread their skills across the cluster within the next 6 months

Setting up and successfully running a 'Community Flu Event' - involving Third Sector and volunteer services to promote flu vaccinations to all eligible patients

Purchasing technology to enable GPs to have remote working abilities

Creating and commissioning 'health pods' to use in practice to increase recording of patients weight/height/BP and to promote Public Health messages in the waiting room

Future Priorities for the Cluster

To increase the level of smoking quit rates within the cluster

To promote healthy lifestyle among cluster population

To explore the provision of a cluster wide patient participation group coordinated via Third sector


Cluster lead update 13/09/2021