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North West Flintshire

Cluster Lead Dr Bisola Ekwueme

General Practices in North West Flintshire 
There are seven practices which operate in the North West Flintshire Cluster area. 

Allt Goch Medical Centre 
Bodowen Surgery 
Eyton Place Surgery 
Panton Surgery 
Pendre Surgery (Holywell) 
Pennant Surgery 
Flint Health Wellbeing Centre (The Laurals) 

BCUHB Cluster Population Health Directory

The North Wales Population Health Directory (NWPHD) focuses on the public health priorities and provides information on population health need at different geographical levels (including at North West Flintshire Cluster level) to NHS staff for planning purposes. The directory is on the Public Health Wales website. 

Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

North West Flintshire Cluster IMTP 2020-2023

What are we working on?

Advanced Physiotherapy.

Implementing Diabetes Specialist Support Service.

Roll out CRP across the Cluster.

   What we have already done

North West Flintshire Cluster Action Plan 2017-20 version (version has been updated but not yet redacted)

Two GP practices piloted CRP.

Improved access over the winter months.

Additional hours of summarising undertaken for practices to be up to date with their records in line with the old QOF requirements.

   Future Priorities for the Cluster

Continue with Advance Physiotherapy.

Roll out Diabetes Specialist Support Service.

Implement Tier 0/1 Mental Health service through new contract.

Continue with CRP across the cluster.


Cluster lead update 13/09/2021