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Torfaen South

Cluster Lead - Dr Amanda Head

GP Practices in Torfaen South Cluster 
There are 2 Neighbourhood Care Networks (NCNs) in Torfaen. There are six practices which operate in the Torfaen South Cluster.

Individual Cluster Plans and Reports

Torfaen South NCN IMTP 2020-2023 
Torfaen South NCN Plan on a Page 2019/20 
Torfaen South NCN GP Cluster Annual Report 2017/18 & 2018/19

What we are working on?

Torfaen South NCN IMTP 2020-2023 

What we have already done

Torfaen South NCN Plan on a Page 2019/20 
Torfaen South NCN GP Cluster Annual Report 2017/18 & 2018/19 

NCN visit Judith Paget, ABuHB Chief Executive

Judith Paget observed the Torfaen South NCN meeting. Following the meeting, Judith contacted Dr Amanda Head to express that she was:  “Truly impressed with the number of colleagues at the meeting, the range of partners present and the discussionsYou are all clearly building excellent relationships and a common sense of purpose and collaboration focusing on the needs of South Torfaen residents. Thank you – I came away feeling positive and motivated about the work you are leading.”  Judith also reported that she is looking to attend further NCN meetings across Gwent.

IQT Silver Award winners shortlisted for 2016 NHS Wales Awards

Many NCN plans highlighted the need to improve the primary care of patients in Care Homes. So it is great news that the Lead Care Home nurse recruited and sponsored by the two Blaenau Gwent NCNs, and 5 nursing homes have been shortlisted for the 2016 NHS Wales Awards in the category ‘Improving Quality using Improving Quality Together (IQT) methodology (supported by UK Improvement Alliance). Using IQT Silver methodology, nurses in Primary Care and ABCi worked with 4 nursing homes and a local Abbey to improve the identification and management of deteriorating conditions, NEWS scoring to improve clinical observations, DNACPR decision making and Advance Care Planning.  The winners of the IQT Silver Awards are:

  • Jill Thomas, Lead Glan Yr Avon Nursing Home, Caerphilly North NCN
  • Llantarnum Abbey, Torfaen South NCN
  • Millheath Nursing Home, Newport North NCN
  • Crick Care Home, Monmouthshire South NCN
  • Chapel Grange Nursing Home, Newport West NCN
Future priorities for the cluster

Torfaen South NCN IMTP 2020-2023  


Cluster lead update 13/09/2021